Centre for Indic Writers (CIW)

seeks to identify, encourage, train, mentor, support, publish, promote and felicitate authors writing about India and the world – for India and the world. CIW is for writers rooted in Indic ethos and who intellectually and emotionally belong to our civilization. At CIW we are invested in the journey of these writers and work with them through various stages. More specifically CIW focusses on the following areas to achieve its objectives:


Courses  & Programs

We conduct online writing courses and also gift selected third-party online courses to our authors to hone their writing skills. We conduct writing workshops & retreats for brainstorming and ideation of multiple themes.



We provide grants for publishing, promotions, travel, research & holding seminars, conferences and literature festivals



We are nurturing Indic Author Network for established and upcoming writers to connect, cooperate and collaborate. We actively encourage established authors to mentor upcoming authors. We also seek to foster collaborative writing.

Book Launches & Promotions 

We plan and organise book launches through our 27 city chapter network worldwide. We promote authors through Indic Chats (online webinars). We also promote existing authors ensuring that their work and thoughts are discussed beyond the initial period of the book launch.

We participate in regional, national and international literary forums and platforms including Book fairs, Awards and more.




Our partner platforms are Indic Book Club and Indic Today. While Indic Book Club is aiming to build the world’s largest community of readers interested in Indic civilizational books, Indic Today aims to be the premier platform for deep insightful essays while simultaneously show casing the authors and events associated with Indic Academy.

We leverage these two platforms for promotions of books and authors.




We collaborate with several publishers, distributors & media platforms. To these collaborators, we are a catchment for new talent, a unique network for promoting their books and a regular source of content by way of author interviews, book extracts and reviews.



Our initiatives till date

  • Conducted an Online writing course in Creative Fiction and Non-Fiction by Andrew Otis Haschemeyar, who is also a regular faculty for Stanford Online Courses
  • Held a writer’s workshop conducted by several eminent authors in Bangalore.
  • Granted two Research Fellowships
  • Granted gift subscriptions of courses on writing to 30 authors
  • Seeded India’s first mainstream Right of Center literary festival in Puducherry,  the Pondicherry Lit Fest.
  • Publishing grants to five new authors
  • Grant for a Literary event in Madurai
  • Promotion grants to 40 authors for distributing copies of their books to a curated list of readers
  • Held 40 Indic Chats (online webinars)
  • Organized launches for more than 50 books around the world.
  • IAN comprises of more than 50 plus members as on date.