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Crown of India - Kashmir Across Millennia


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Wed 05 Aug 2020

9:00 PM - 10:30 PM (UTC-4)

Webinar: Crown of India – Kashmir Across Millennia

Indic Academy invites you to a journey through the history of Kashmir, it’s culture and spirituality as we deconstruct the critical role Kashmir has played in the development of the Indic civilization. Our expert panel on Kashmir will take you through its history as they explore the various  cultural markers of its identity be it; texts, archaeology, script, linguistics, travelers’ accounts, art, architecture, philosophy etc.


Prof. (Dr.) Subhash Kak

Prof.Subhash Kak is an Indian American computer scientist who has made major contributions to cryptography, artificial neural networks, and is recognized as one of the pioneers of quantum computing. Dr. Kak is currently the Regents Professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. Born in Srinagar, Kashmir, he was educated in various places in Jammu and Kashmir. He completed his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. His research has spanned the fields of information theory, cryptography, neural networks, and quantum information. He developed the theory of d-sequences for applications to computing and cryptography and he has worked on a variety of problems on data and network security. He is the inventor of a family of instantaneously trained neural networks (for which he received a patent) for which a variety of artificial intelligence applications have been found. He has argued that brain function is associated with three kinds of language: associative, reorganizational, and quantum. Dr. Kak has published on the history of science, the philosophy of science, ancient astronomy, and the history of mathematics. He is the author of 20 books some of which have been translated into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean and Serbian.


Virendra Qazi

Virendra Qazi A Kashmiri Pandit with deep exposure to culture and spirituality of Kashmir joined public sector after completing his education. He presents the classical / traditional wisdom and practice of Kashmir Shaivism. His first passion was mystic Shaive Yogini Lalleshwari (Lalla). Her vakhs (sayings) convey the essence of Shaiva Agamas Kashmir Shaivism. The main focus is on the sadhana aspect so that we get spiritual transformation. Kashmir Shaivism is based on the ancient wisdom of Agamas (Tantra). It is a universal spirituality which opens the inner door to self-realization. Besides guiding us for harmonious material life, it takes us to the highest level of divine realization. Shri Virendra Ji is travelling and guiding seekers worldwide.


Ms.Sunanda Vashisht

Sunanda Vashisht is a writer, political commentator and a columnist. She has written extensively about the conflict-ridden region of Jammu and Kashmir. She herself has been a victim of ethnic cleansing that took place in Kashmir Valley in 1990. Recently, she represented the Kashmiri Hindu voice and addressed the human rights situation in Kashmir at the US Congress’ Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission. In 2015, she co-founded MyIndMakers- a new age media company that enable the exchange of global ideas and solutions. She routinely takes up speaking assignments where she speaks about Kashmir and political affairs of India.