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Sat 28 Nov 2020

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM (UTC+0)

London Dialogues: A Conversastion on “The Stories We Don’t Tell” by Vivek Agnihotri


Vivek Agnihotri

Indian film director, screenwriter, author and activist

Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri is a Bollywood film director, producer and screenwriter. Mr Agnihotri is also a thought leader, columnist, public speaker, and creative mentor. Mr. Agnihotri’s latest award-winning film ‘Buddha In A Traffic Jam (2016)’ was a critical success and has been influential in opening a debate on leftist politics in educational campuses and has successfully brought the threat on Urban Naxalism in our National Narrative. He wrote "Urban Naxals: The Making of Buddha in a Traffic Jam", which was published in 2018 His next film, "The Tashkent Files", investigated the mysterious death of India’s second Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shashtri. In 2020, his second book, "Who Killed Shastri", was published by Bloomsbury.