Book Launch of ‘The Big Bang & the Sages’ by Sidharth Chhabra & Madhavendra Puri Das

Indic Academy announces the launch of a new book The Big Bang and the Sages written jointly by Sidharth Chhabra & Madhavendra Puri Das

The Big Bang and the Sages with its detailed research illustrates how the Indian sages of antiquity were pioneers in precisely stating the age, geometry and several other dimensions of the solar system and the Universe which parallel the modern scientific discoveries. The book showcases how the Puranas provide both a microscopic and telescopic view of the physical world from which modern science can learn, benefit and catch up.

About the Authors: Madhavendra Puri Das has been a Vaisnava Monk since 1982. Thus, he has studied the Purāṇas in detail for many years. His avid reading in the fields of Physics, Geology and Paleontology enabled him to recognize the close correlation between Purāṇic accounts and those of modern science.  Sidharth Chhabra has a Master’s Degree from the University of Michigan in Information Science. He has contributed to conferences at MIT, the University of Washington, IIIT Hyderabad, the University of Paris, the University of Dublin and other universities. He has studied Sanskrit from an early age, which allows him to read the Purāṇas in the original Sanskrit. That, combined with Sanskrit Natural Language Processing tools, enabled him to team up with Madhavendra Puri Das to discover that the Purāṇas anticipate sophisticated scientific data in a wide range of fields.