Award of Short Term Research Fellowship to Ms Giti Thadani

We are pleased to announce the award of  Short Term Research Fellowship to Ms. Giti Thadani, for her research and documentation project titled: “Narrativizing Oppression, Resacralizing the Sacred: Reconstructing the Sacred Topography of Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan”.

Ms. Thadani is a multi-linguist with proficiency in Sanskrit, Hindi, English, French, German, Hungarian & Italian. She has presented the subject of Indic gender studies, Indic civilisation and politics of sexuality in India on various platforms, conferences through audio-visual media as well as talks. Her running theme in most of her writings and discussions is Shakti which she describes as the open source of energy. She is also the founding member of the Sakhti Collective.

Ms. Thadani’s research project will be to present a visual/written account of temple desecration across various significant sites of the Indian subcontinent. The outcome of this documentation will be a book & an extensive catalogue of very high resolution images that may result in exhibitions, AV projections & website.