our approach



Preserve Protect Promote

we simultaneously seek to preserve our traditional institutions, knowledge and practices, protect our identity against distortions and promote our thought to local and global consumers, practitioners and seekers.

Intellectual Cultural Spiritual

we pursue an integrated approach – intellectual, cultural and spiritual, as Indic thought manifests itself across the spectrum of scriptures, commentaries, literature, arts, crafts and our very way of life.

Near Medium Long term

we use the three horizons framework of near, medium and long term to concurrently manage both current and future threats and opportunities.

self selfless Self

we enable public intellectuals discover their “self” - aptitude, passion, right career path. we nurture them to work for a larger cause and become ‘selfless’ cultural leaders and entrepreneurs. we enable the pursuit of their true “Self” through an authentic spiritual path.

Connect Contribute Collaborate

we facilitate connections by nurturing domain specific networks. We contribute to the efforts of individuals and institutions by providing grants. We collaborate with other institutions for expertise, infrastructure, customers and finance.

Authentic Immersive Transformative

we believe for Indic culture to thrive and advance we have to be customer focussed. Our indigenous knowledge and thought has to be converted into a product, service or an experience that is authentic, immersive and transformative.

what we do

  • thought centers

  • right

    Soft Power

    • Center for Soft Power is a platform for Indigenous and Indic art, cultural traditions and knowledge systems and seeks to appeal to conscious citizens around the world through – Vedanta, Yoga, Ayurveda, Cuisine, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Textiles, Handicrafts, Languages, Literature and Indigenous Knowledge Systems, as they offer solutions to many of the global challenges we face today.


    Cultural Leadership

    • CCL seeks to nurture leaders who work across domains and causes. Leaders who are generalists acting as ‘cultural designers’ seamlessly fusing multiple contexts keeping the larger strategic picture in mind while simultaneously complimenting specialists focused on specific disciplines.


    Indic Law & Justice

    • Center for Indic Law and Justice is a joint initative with Justice Pamidighantam Kodandaramayya Foundation. It seeks to integrate the individual, family, society and the State and establish a society where individuals and institutions are grounded in ‘virtue jurisprudence’ as a constitutional value by mainstreaming Indic knowledge systems


    Indigenous Sustainability

    • Center for Indigenous Sustainability envisions us treating nature with spiritual reverence and seeks to preserve and promote Indic knowledge systems in Crafts, Ayurveda and Regenerative Agriculture nurture entrepreneurs to build companies, encourage enterprises to adopt practices, promoting self-reliance and sustainability.


    Global Polytheist & Indigenous Traditions

    • The Center for Global Polytheist and Indigenous Traditions seeks to promote a renaissance in the traditions which honor the divinity in all beings and the inexhaustible multiplicity of the divine. We seek to help practitioners of these traditions in tending their legacies and fostering creativity within them, as well as in interpreting them for outsiders in the spirit of building bridges between civilizations


    Consciousness Studies & Inner Transformation

    • Center for Consciousness Studies & Inner Transformation seeks to raise human consciousness by enabling individuals from all walks of life to engage in inner transformation through introspection, dialogue, svAdhyAya and sAdhana. CCSIT is launching three long term courses on Vedanta, Yoga and Executive Coaching.



    • Center for Avadhanam is a joint initiative with Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth. It seeks to preserve and promote the tradition of Avadhanam, foster interdisciplinary research spanning the fields of literary skills, extempore poetry, rhetorics and prosody of different languages, creativity, memory, cognition, etc.

    • publications

    • we publish monographs and books by selected Academics and Public Intellectuals across all genres.

    • alliances

    • we build partnerships and alliances with Universities, Colleges, Schools, Research Institutions, NGOs, Publishers, Media, Ashrams, Gurukuls, Think Tanks, Associations, Endowments, Platforms.